For Providers

This section is for new and established child care providers who are looking to enhance the quality of their facility and/ or promote their child care setting. Here you can learn about becoming a child care provider, contracting with CCIS, information on upcoming trainings and much more.

How to become a CCIS/Apple Provider

CCIS/Apple establishes agreements for the subsidized child care program with licensed child care providers and relatives who complete all required clearances and verifications.  If you are a child care provider for a client who is eligible for subsidized child care and has chosen you to be their provider, please read the following information.

    If you do not have an active agreement with CCIS, please call our office at 1-800-371-2109 or contact us.  We will send you a packet with relevant forms and instructions, including requests for documents like a completed W-9 and proof of your child care license.  These same forms are available on our site here under “Provider Forms”.
    If you are NOT a licensed child care provider and wish to provide care for a relative who is eligible for subsidized child care, please have your relative contact their caseworker at 1-800-371-2109, so that we can take steps to establish an agreement with you.  This is a process that involves several clearances, fingerprinting and training, so it is important to work toward completing the requirements as soon as possible.  Once a subsidy client is approved for funding, they have only 30-days to be enrolled with a child care subsidy provider.If you are interested in becoming a Certified Family Child Care Home, you can download our informative PDF with more information and instructions or give us a call at 1-800-371-2109 and we can walk you through the process.

List your child care facility through COMPASS

All licensed child care providers can now have a listing through the state’s COMPASS website. Here parents can search for child care in their area based on their needs. This is the best way to be discovered by parents searching for child care.

Post a Child Care Opening

Our Classifieds section is a great way to get the word about about available vacancies in your child care. When you post an ad, parents visit the site to view your ad and contact you directly. Post an ad today—it’s FREE!

Browse Child Care Needs

This section contains ads placed by parents with the details of their particular child care needs. Fill your child care opening today by viewing the Child Care Needs section or post an ad of your own.


If you are interested in becoming a provider or have questions about licensing, the Department of Human Services’ website offers a lot of information. You can read about requirements who to contact for more information.

Keystone Stars

The Keystone STARS program is an initiative by the Department of Human Services to help enhance the quality of child care in Pennsylvania. If you are not aware of it, here is some information about how you can participate. Our search function on this site lists the STARS ratings of all participating providers. See how it can help your child care setting! For more information, visit the PA Keys website or call the Southeast Region at (215) 271-1267.


The DHS website offers many links to training opportunities and organizations that can help you, your staff and child care facility.

More Information

For additional information regarding provider related issues, please visit the Department of Human Services website . For further information or to inquire about a specific provider, please contact the Southeast Regional Office at 1-800-346-2929.